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Kit Radar Interview

Kit Radar Interview

I recently sat down to answer some questions from our friends at Kit Radar, a shopping platform for early adopters wishing to discover and purchase innovative sports gear that is new to market.

We discussed the inspiration behind the MODUAL range, tips for others seeking to launch a cycling product on Kickstarter, as well as touching on what new product plans we have for 2017!

Here is a small extract:

"We had already spent a considerable amount of time finding the right manufacturers, working out all of costs and then planning the project accordingly. The vast majority of Kickstarter projects are delivered late (most of which considerably so) and too many backers are left underwhelmed by what they do end up receiving.

My main advice to any other cycling entrepreneurs keen on launching a product (and especially on Kickstarter) would be to make absolutely sure it offers something above and beyond what is already out there.

We delivered on time and haven't had to process a single refund, the former because we were well prepared and the latter because our product is great."

Read the rest of the interview here and be sure to check out the carefully curated selection of other innovative sporting goods Kit Radar has to offer!


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