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Not your average multi-tool

Not your average multi-tool

We met Jess and Ben from ADAPT Network at The London Bike Show last month who were particularly fond of MODUAL and keen on getting their hands on one for a review

"Overall, using the Altum MODUAL feels more like using a set of standard tools than a bike multi-tool—that’s a good thing. The large ergonomic handle can be gripped like a screwdriver or a wrench, which is really handy and allows the tool to adapt to different tasks and grip positions around the bike. It also allows for more torque to be applied when needed.

The tool roll, itself, is a unique twist on the traditional saddle bag. I really like the way everything fits together neatly but that there remains plenty of space to carry two inner tubes—pretty impressive when compared to traditional wedge saddle bags.

If you’re struggling with using a traditional bike multi-tool and are looking for a new tool system that’s just as happy in the workshop as on the bike, then the Altum MODUAL is definitely worth a look."

Ben is clearly is as passionate about the qualities and advantages of MODUAL over it's competition as we are and you can read their review in full here: 


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