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The perfect bicycle multi-tool

The perfect bicycle multi-tool

Patrick of Pedal Consumption has been road-testing MODUAL for a few weeks now and has come to the conclusion that he has now found the perfect multi-tool!

"Over the past decade, I’ve accumulated over dozen multi-tools because finding the perfect one (for me) is impossible. When I say the 'perfect one', I mean a multi-tool with fittings that actually works in conjunction with most or all my components. Seriously… the last thing I need is another multi-tool with 20 different fittings, heavy on the side, and no gripping power when you really need to tighten something down.

Well, I’m happy to say my problem has been remedied with the MODUAL from Altum. I know you’ve seen a lot of these types of tools on the market, but what separates MODUAL from other multi-configurable tools is that it’s BRILLIANTLY designed, yet functional."

Click here to read the review in full!


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